Voidcon utilises a Licensor / Licensee system, similar in application to the Franchise system. The Model operates in the following manner: 

  1. In South Africa

With the exception of the Gauteng Province – the country is subdivided into geographical business nodes. These are sold as trading Licenses to entrepreneurs who have identified the marketability and usefulness of the system. Each License is renewable after every 5 years based on certain measurable criteria.

Upon purchasing the license, the Licensee undergoes rigorous training to get them up to speed to start operating. The licensee cannot under any circumstances sell or promote a competitive product and are expected to not only sell but provide the relevant technical support of the Voidcon Decking System within their demarcated areas.

The Gauteng province falls under the ambit of Voidpro Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd thus serviced by the office / manufacturing plant in Gauteng.

  1. Internationally

The methodology employed within South Africa is shared in this instance and always taking into account market / regional sensitivities. A Master License Agreement is sold to a country. The agreement is exactly as the same the one in South Africa with one exception: – as a Master License holder, the individual can replicate the S.A. model by breaking down the respective country’s into business nodes thus making them a Licensor in their respective country.

Positioning & Competition 

A conscious decision was taken in terms of positioning Voidcon System directly with the best of what is on offer within the decking industry. What sets us apart from the competition is our national reach and availability due to the Licensees – thus affording clients to have access to expertise in their region. This, coupled with the lightweight nature of the product thus allowing for bigger areas to be transportable and a lot faster than the competition.